Welcome to Kennel Aconite

I have had dogs all my life
I have bred dwarf poodles for more than 30 years -
first I had browns and blacks, but in 1975 I got
my first apricot dwarf Sollie-Boyes Golden Star.

She gave me the great interest in apricot poodles,
and very soon I realised, that if I wanted to achieve something
in this colour, I had to concentrate on Apricot
and do everything I could to learn all about the genetics.

There was not mych material to work with.
So very early I hade to import breeding animals
to improve my breed. All the way through I have attached
the greatest importance to good temperament, and
health has always had top priority. I have never been
willing to compromise. E.g. from 1981 all my dogs
have been PRA examined.

The first dwarf I imported came from Kennel Knotrom in England.
Since then dogs from Kennel Tiopepi in England and
more from Germany, Spain, Holland and a single one from Poland.

My first Youth World Winner was Ballerina in Bern 1979.
I had sold her to Birgit Johansen - the Gitte kennels in Denmark.
Ballerina´s older sister was Angelich - at the same show she
was second best in open class.

My next Youth World Winner was Aconite Golden Busenfreund
in Dortmund 1981. He was a son of Angelich.

In 1992 we went to the World Winner Show in Valencia, Spain.
This time we came back with our third World Winner -
Tiopepi Sunnyboy - at that time a handsome 6 years old male.

You can meet many of my "old" dogs on the "Memories"-site.

Through the years my breeding has achieved numerous
national and international championships.

I have exported poodles to many countries - north,
south, east and west - for example to Equador.

Nancy Jelle
Energivej 90
DK-8420 Knebel
Phone: +45 22588999