Aconite Daniella
(Aconite Bell Peche - Sillie-Boyes Golden Star)
Born: July 2nd 1982


Aconite Golden Phorthos
(Knotrom´s Golden Flake - Tiopepi Dream A Long)
Born: November 6th 1983


Aconite Golden Regina
(Aconite Golden Phortos - Angelich)
Born: December 13th 1984


Aconite Golden Aera
(Aconite Golden Uranus - Aconite Golden Regina)
Born: October 2nd 1986


INTCH DKCH PLCH Tiopepi Sunnyboy
(Tasty Tiopepi - Tiopepi True Tia)
Dwarf imported from England
Born: August 13th 1986
Sunnyboy sired many top winning puppirs from Kennel Aconite


Aconite Golden Favourite
(Tiopepi Sunnyboy - Aconite Golden Æra)
Born: April 27th 1988
27 cm
The first Danish bred apricot toy to become International Champion


Remaro´s Orange Golden Be-Ni-Ce
(Tiopepi Sun Sprite - Remaro´s Orange Golden Sissi)
Dwarf female imported from Norway
Born: March 25th 1988


Duncan Toy Of Mirror Home
(Golden Sparkle Toy of Mirror Home - Golden Armance Toy of Mirror Home)
Toy maile imported from Holland
Born: December 30th 1990
27 cm